The Tree of Life


Pros: It’s no secret that I love Terence Malick, and I’m more than willing to sit through a two-hour existential drama just to see what he does with light and movement—but, if that’s not your jam, consider this: Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, Sean Penn.  Dinosaurs.  Shots of deep space set to awesome music.  Trees.  Quiet meditations on life and death.  Just a bit of the usual, all filmed with gorgeous precision and fanatical attention to the smallest detail of verisimilitude.  Like watching life, but better.

Cons: A bit trippy.  A bit slow.  You might end up asking yourself, what just happened here?  And for the anti-sentimentality corps, the (more than) hints of nostalgia and reverence for Americana  might grate a little on the senses.

The Verdict: Catch this one if you’re in a contemplative mood, looking for something that works on a subliminal, super-narrative level.  Set aside for another day if you’re not interested in thinking about the space-time continuum or the meaning(lessness?) of life.



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